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xprobabilityx [userpic]
by xprobabilityx (xprobabilityx)
at March 11th, 2007 (04:19 pm)

Here we go folks, i've got some new ICONS for ya`.

DBSK, JaeJoong, Won Bin, and Gazette. I REALLY wanted to find the clips of Ruki doing his little head-spinny thingys but.. alas.. oh well. If I do expect to see some icons on that alone! I LOVE his head-spinny part. =DV It's puring outside right now and I feel like complete and utter poop-dy-doop. Stupid HTML. The code keeps messing up you guys are missing a few of the ICONS. I'll repost those for you later. My dad's kicking me off MY computer! ( mad ) He has his laptop, my mom has hers, which MEAAAAANSSSS that the Pc is MINE! There, I said it. ( sigh )


( 1 for the money and the free ride, it's 2 for the lie that you denied. ALL RISE! )