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by rayrena (rayrena)
at September 15th, 2007 (08:55 pm)


Hey i just want to spread this new to all of your. this is from www.clubjj.net
they are going to do BIRTHDAY BOOK for jaejoong like last year
i don't know that all of you know about this.....so if you want to join in this project please read the following....

I don't know how to start taking...

it's a..little bit hard to begin.

It seems only yesterday since the 1st 'Birthday Book for Hero' was made but one year has passed already...

Now you may wonder what do I want to say.

We could hand it over Hero with your support in last year so

I have plan to make the 2nd 'Birthday Book for Hero' in this year and need your support again.

'Birthday Book for Hero' is composed of your letters and pictures.

<How to join>

1. Be sure to write your 'Name' and 'Nationality'.

without your name and nationality, your letter cannot be put in the book. T ^T

(ex) Your name is Jae Joong, live in Korea.

    from. Korea

    name. Jae Joong

2. Give a title on your picture with your 'Real Name' and make a form of your picture in JPG.

3. As long as put 'Your Picture' and let him know 'who is his fan, who loves him, who gives birthday greetings'.^^*

* If you joined in last year, put the other picture from last year.

(If you put the same picture as last year, Hero may be disappointed or get bored with the same picture.)

4. If you can handle 'Photoshop', you may use it and make yours personally. (tell the truth, if you do this, i will be happy because I have my own job and go to an institute so I don't have much time...but if you don't, dosen't matter. Don't worry about it.)

5. If you join in a body (fandom, fan site etc.), can collect all of your letters and picture and send altogether.

6. Please write a letter in 'English'. I am sorry about it.

I don't know Thai and Vietnamese yet...even i am poor at English but there are many people who support in Korea to translate English.

I am sorry. 

Please send an e-mail to '25. Oct. 2007' 




for more information go to www.clubjj.net goto sky and looking for BIRTHDAY BOOK FOR HERO