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jaejung_love's Journal

Jaejung Fans
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♥ Welcome!
Hello, and welcome. This is a fan community for Hero of the Korean Boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki. All fans of Hero are welcomed to join this community and share files, news, pics, fan art, fan fics or whatever. But please read the community rules before posting!

♥ Rules
These are simple guidelines to keep the community in order.

1)Any image(s) or long news that is posted must be put under a lj-cut.
2)Any video files that you are sharing should be friends locked to prevent leechers.
3)Please repect all of the members of this community.
4)Posting of anything non Jaejung/TVXQ related is not allowed in this community.
5)Advertising is okay with me as long as it has something to do with Asian music (like advertising J-pop or K-pop comms is okay, but not rating comms plz).
6)Please do not forget to introduce yourself to the comm when you join! =3

If you have questions, comments, suggestions please contact iceprincessrisa thank you.

♥ Affiliates
Junsu Love (Xiah Junsu) junsu_love
Dear Micky (Micky Yuchun) dear_micky

If your community would like to be added here, please contact iceprincessrisa!